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Sentinel (SFC) was originally founded in 2002 as Sentinel Fence Company. It quickly earned a reputation in the industry as a company that could handle any fence project, provide expertise in job management, a professional crew, and an ability to get the job done on time and on budget. Sentinel Fence Company (SFC) received several certifications as an 8(a), DBE, SBE, WOSB and EDWOSB under the direction of President, Sharon Hamilton. It soon became apparent that Sentinel (SFC) was recognized as an industry leader, but was capable of much more. In November 2010, Sentinel Fence Company expanded its scope to include general contracting and became SENTINEL FENCE & CONTRACTING.

Since its inception, Sentinel (SFC) has not had a single claim for Workers Compensation, nor had any job-related injuries; virtually unheard of in the construction industry. Sentinel (SFC) attributes this amazing record to our #1 Core Value, which is Safety, alongside of consistent management oversite.

Construction Expertise:

Pre-Construction – Cost Analysis, Design and Specifications, Scheduling Development, Technical Research, Site and Construction Analysis and Submittals

Construction – Value Engineering, Project Management, On-Site Safety Program, Inspections Post Construction – As-built Drawings, Warranty Review, Operations/Maintenance Manuals


                                                   OUR SAFETY RECORD

Zero Claims Reported Under Workers Compensation 

SCF Safety Awards –  2002-2010

EMR - 0.85 (2011), 0.80 (2012), 0.92 (2013), 0.79 (2014),  0.72 (2015),  0.75 (2016),  0.80 (2017), 0.83 (2018)

ABC STEP Platinum Safety Award 2017

ABC STEP Diamond Safety Award 2018



Capability Statement 2 Sided Complete 2019 (pdf)


Sentinel Fence Brochure 2019 (pdf)





  AZ #1860068   NV #0076401 

 CA #9651080 MS/LA #5611 



     Scottsdale, AZ 

 La Jolla, CA 



  8(a)    DBE*    SBE   MBE   WBE   WOSB   EDWOSB 

*DBE Certified in AZ, TX, MO, NM OH, PA, VA, MD, Metro Washington 

ISNetworld Certified 2018